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First Weeks at Defty

Posted 4 years ago - 2 min read

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The Interview

My motivations for joining Defty came in part through the nature of their interview process during which I met Danny the CTO and the two co-founders Adam and Aliysa. The welcoming tempo of this process allowed me to feel at ease and exposed the positive working culture at this start up, which I didn’t believe could be matched elsewhere.

After discussing the product with the team at Defty I had full confidence in what they were setting out to build and could see how it was desperately needed. I walked away from my interview feeling that making the decision to work for Defty was a no brainer. This choice was made even easier when Danny called back the same day to offer me the job, which made a welcome change from running the gauntlet of endless coding tests and 5 stage interviews!

Settling In

There is a tangible buzz about what is being built and everyone is focused on ensuring an intuitive, striking and slick user experience is achieved. The close knit environment allows for a highly collaborative working day and gives you a holistic understanding of the product which you would struggle to get anywhere else. You have ownership of your work and you can see where your contributions are going to fit within the scope of the project from day one.

The defty team enjoying a team lunch at Dishoom

Working at Defty

Since I’ve joined I can honestly say I haven’t stopped, whether learning new technologies, hashing out workflows that will go into site generation or determining system architecture on the whiteboard. I’m also lucky that I’ve been able to make an impact in my first few weeks through building a microservice for user content validation. I’m looking forward to taking on the challenges offered by the ambition of the product spec, developing a highly scalable system that will allow SME’s and technophobes alike to finally have their presence on the web.

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